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Written and Directed by: Terry Moloney
Produced by: David N. Bossie, Terry Moloney and Kevin Knoblock
Executive Producers: Newt Gingrich, Callista Gingrich, Lawrence Kadish and David N. Bossie
Director of Photography: Matthew A. Taylor
Editors: Dain Valverde and Matthew A. Taylor
Original Music by David Russo
Frank Josephs
Performed by
Aaron Tippin
Associate Producer JT Mastranadi
Coordinating Producer Lauren Fleming
Assistant Editors Mark Barron
Brian Pratt
Motion Graphics Evan McEneaney
Graphics Matthew A. Taylor
Media Manager Mark Barron
Post Production Supervisor Noah Wilderman
Research JT Mastranadi
Christopher Cook
Judy Cook
Associate Producer Heather Smith
Production Manager Jennifer Lawrence
Production Assitants Serena Eldridge
Michael Catts
Website Design Kirk Risinger
Interns Paul Kaser
Bob Redd
John Flynn
Camera Operators Randy Feldman
Chad Miller
Peter Good
Donald Schoenmann
Sam Fischer
Scott Tuke
Field Audio Michael Roche
Brad Powell
Chad Horn
Don Jones
Jen Schoenmann
Saul Quinn
Ivan Hawkes
Matt Freed
Steve Roseboom
Jib Operators Doug Drew
Kenny Dezendorf
Nathan Clay
Grips Ben Finkel
Michael Wholfield
David McHugh
Charlie Tollifson
Harlin Hailey
Steve Seitz
Don Aros
Jason Hilton
Dave Garcia
Tom Miller
Teleprompter Bill Smith
Greg Stephenson
Michael Hershfeld
Brian Mills
Make-up Artists Rhonda Jenkins
Lauretta McCoy
Linda Boyle
Jesi Dery
Devita Simon
On Location Production Assistants Melissa Mark
Chuck Archambeau
Mike Silverburg
Sara Stevens
Post Production Finishing Henninger Media Services
Online Editors Jim Sheehy
Julie Podolsky
Colorist Lauren Meschter
Sound Mixer Brian Callahan
Graphics Jamie Cave
Laurie Rihner
Director of Engineering Sam Crawford
Account Management Sarah Ellison
Henninger Sales Director Van Buren Bond
Legal Counsel Michael Boos Esq.
Anthony Morris of McKenna Long & Aldridge
Accounting Lauren Catts
Marketing Matt Palumbo
Public Relations Will Holley
Development Lynn Bradshaw
Tim Barnes
Archival and Stock Footage Provided By

Thought Equity
Corbis Motion
Corbis Stills
Frame Pool
Footage Bank
Footage Vault
WPA Film Library
CNN ImageSource
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
Nuclear Energy Institute
Petroleum Equipment Institute
Association of Oil Pipe Lines
Gas Processors Association
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
Petroleum Marketers Association of America
EERE in the Department of Energy
Oil Shale Exploration Company
BMW Group
Tesla Motors
Calvert Cliffs

Alaskan Footage Filmed and Provided by Vince Villicano
Performed and Produced by Aaron Tippin
Songwriters Aaron Tippin/Thea Tippin
PhilipDouglas/Dan Murph

Songs of Kicking Bird Music (BMI)/TCT Wind (BMI)
Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI)
Thea Later Music (BMI)/Lisa Mane Music (SESAC)
Loud Hungry Lion Music (BMI)
All rights obo Songs of Kicking Bird
Music and TCT Wind administered by
Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI)
Special Thanks To Susan Bossie
Griffin "And Action!" Bossie

Enid Borden

Tania Moloney
Liam Moloney
Caroline Steele

Gingrich Productions
Gingrich Communications
Kathy Lubbers
Randy Evans
Vince Haley
Rick Tyler
Joe DeSantis
Lindsey Harvey
Bethany Barker

Infocision Management Corporation
Gary Taylor
Carl Albright
Nate Drushell
Heidi Dougherty
Dan Revlock
Josh Kalzunet
Kevin Cooper
Daniel Chafin
Jamie Walters
Jason Nagy
Laura McGraw
Emma Schwed

The Omada Group
Matt Palumbo
Todd Grable

HSP Direct
Matt Schenk
Amy Paul
Jamie Hogan

Mike Murrary
Greg Christman

Lance Davis
Linda Britt, Winged Words Transcription
Limousines WorldWide

Hoover Dam
Horse Hollow Wind Energy Farm
Three Mile Island
The United States Department of Energy

Citizens United Productions in association with Peace River Company, LLC

This documentary film was inspired in part by the book "Drill Here, Drill Now" by Newt Gingrich and Vince Haley

The motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Copyright 2008 Citizens United

All Rights Reserved

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