We Have The Power Hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich
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Cast List

Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House of Representative (1995-1999)
Callista Gingrich President, Gingrich Productions
Michele Bachmann Congresswoman (R-MN)
Rob Bishop Congressman (R-UT)
John Boehner Congressman (R-OH)
Republican Leader, U.S. House of Representatives
Red Cavaney President and CEO, American Petroleum Institute
Mike Conaway Congressman (R-TX)
Ralph DeSantis Communications Manager, Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant
Mary Fallin Congresswoman (R-OK)
Alex Flint Senior VP, Nuclear Energy Institute
Adrian Herrera ANWR Consultant
Skip Horvath President and CEO, Natural Gas Supply Association
Daniel Kish Senior VP, Policy, Institute for Energy Research
Charles Krauthammer Syndicated Columnist
Philip Moeller Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Devin Nunes Congressman (R-CA)
Jason Perron BMW CleanEnergy Project Leader for North America
Mike Rogers Congressman (R-MI)
Ned Ross Director, Regulatory Affairs Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center
Patrick Serfass Director of Technology and Communications National Hydrogen Association
Bob Walker Former Congressman (R-PA)
Vice Chairman, Hydrogen Technical Advisory Committee, Department of Energy
James Woolsey Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency
Dr. Robert Zubrin Aerospace Engineer
Author of "Energy Victory"
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